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    At Multilink we deliver

          Value, Service and Performance!

        Our Intel® Processor based computers are constructed of only the highest quality name brand components. They are thoroughly tested and supported by our years of excellent customer service. They are also outstanding in value and super in reliablity.

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Multilink MLBP       Intel® Extreme Processor provides excellent performance in production and editing, as well as digital media rendering and real-time audio/video preview capabilities.

MClink Gold           This professional system offers you high performance without a high price. It is all-in-one compact design and features with 4th Gen Intel® CoreTM i7 Processor.

MClink Silver            A powerful and efficient   system offers you with top performance but at a low price.  It features with Intel® CoreTM i5 Processor.

MClink Bronze        This workhorse is based on the proven Intel® Dual-Core Processor. It gives you the still current computing technologies at a bargain price.

MClink Practica          Our entry-level Computer is powered by Intel® Celeron®  Dual-Core Processor. It is an ideal for home or small business or as a second computer.